• Concierge service
  • The concierge service is located on the 1st floor in the central hall of the hotel. It offers the following services:

    - visa support
    - taxi call, and call for transfer from Moscow airports or railway station
    - receipt and delivery of mail for hotel guests, providing fax communication and photocopying services
    - booking tables in the hotel restaurants and in best Moscow restaurants
    - reservation and delivery of tickets to theatre performances and other events
    - reservation and delivery of flowers
    - provision of information on availability of air, railway and bus tickets
    - provision of information about the city, local attractions, work of museums, exhibitions, shops, clubs
      and other information
    - sale of souvenir production
    - organization of tours of the city.

    Izmailovo (Gamma-Delta) hotel concierge service staff will see to every request of guests of our hotel.
  • Internet-cafe
  • The Internet-cafe is located in the central hall of the first floor. It provides around-the-clock Internet access via a dedicated 100 Mbit/sec line. Here you can send e-mails, use fast and high-quality printing service, photocopy and type necessary documents.
  • Wi-Fi
  • You can use high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access on all the territory of the hotel. This service is provided to all guests free of charge.
  • Post office
  • The office is located in the central hall of the first floor
  • Notary public
  • The notary public's office is located in the central hall of the 4th floor
  • ATMs
  • VTB 24 Bank ATMs are located in the central hall of the hotel. There are also in the halls of Gamma and Delta buildings.

  • Express payment of mobile communication and other services
  • The terminal to pay for mobile communication services and other services is located in the central hall on the 1st floor.
  • Ticket offices of Airport Service company
  • The offices are located on the 1st floor halls of Gamma and Delta buildings.
  • Ironing room
  • Each floor has an ironing room, where you can use an iron and an ironing board.
  • Storage of valuables
  • You can leave your valuables on the 1st floor of the central hall to the person on duty in charge of the complex.
    Cost of the services per day: 100 rub.
  • Beauty salon "Marcus Aurelius"
  • Beauty salon "Marcus Aurelius" is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel complex "Delta".

    The salon is pleased to offer a wide range of services!
    You are waiting for experts  of the hairdresser's hall, masters of nail service.
    Wide choice of programs for face care and body. SPA procedures and massage.

  • SPA-complex “Galatea”
  • "Galatea" Beauty Salon is located on the 1st floor in Hotel "Gamma".

    The specialists will help you to prepare for an important event or to relieve stress and tension after a busy day.

    At your service: hairdressing room, nail services, cosmetology, different types of massages and SPA-treatments, anti-cellulite body wrap, microwave therapy by electrodes, tattoo, solarium.

  • Storage of bulky items
  • You can use cloakrooms on the 1st floor of the Gamma building to store your bulky items.
    Cost of the service per day: 100 rub.
  • Scales for weighing luggage
  • In the storage there are scales for weighing Luggage. The service is provided free of charge.
  • Express American dry-cleaning
  • The dry-cleaning is located on the 1st floor of the Gamma building. Cleaning of all types of clothing, individual washing of underwear and men's shirt.
  • Minor repair of clothes
  • The repair shop is located in the room of Express American dry-cleaning on the 1st floor of the Gamma building.
  • Optician's shop
  • The optician's shop located on the 1st floor of the Delta building
  • Pharmacy
  • The pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of the Delta building.
  • Kids wear shop "TAIS"
  • Kids wear shop "TAIS" are located on the 1st floor of the Delta building.
  • Press and souvenirs
  • Press and souvenir are located on the 1st floor of the Delta building
  • Souvenir and stationery
  • Souvenir and stationery are located on the 1st floor of the Delta building. Here you can buy stationery, souvenirs, clothes and other things.
  • Mini-market
  • The mini-market is located on the 1st floor of the Gamma building.
  • Parking
  • For the convenience of  guests of Gamma and Delta hotels there is the most capacious twenty-four-hour requiring payment parking of the "Izmailovo" complex. In the territory of parking can easily take place as the buses serving groups and large events, and cars of individual guests. Parking time is unlimited.
  • Accommodation rules in the high rise Gamma Hotel and Delta Hotel
  • Accommodation with pets
  • If you need an accommodation welcoming pets, Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") is your best choice.

    Gamma 3* and Delta 4* hotels will accommodate you and your pet if it weighs up to 5 kg. Such accommodation of your pet friend will be free of charge. Only one animal per room is permitted.

    The Hotel does not accommodate large animals, as well as wild and exotic species, with the only exception of guide dogs and police dogs.

    There are rules of pet accommodation aimed at ensuring hassle-free stay for yourself and other guests.

    You need to provide a veterinary reference indicating all the required vaccinations or a veterinary passport for the pet.

    To make you pet feel at home, bring its mat or cage, pet potty and food plate with you.

    If you don't have a cage with you, don't leave your pet unattended. This rule covers the whole territory of the hotel, including the room, the hall, lawns and common areas.

    No pets are allowed in the restaurant and other common facilities. Walking of animals on the lawns around the hotel is prohibited.

    Please consider in advance, how you are going to ensure your pet's hygiene. Using the shower in the room for washing pets is not allowed, just as the use of the room towels and bedsheets.

    You will enjoy your stay together with your dog or cat at the Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta"), if you prepare as recommended and follow the rules.

    Accommodating your small pet in your room helps to save on kennels or avoid the need to ask your relatives or neighbors for this favor. And most importantly, it helps to keep the peace of mind - your beloved pet will stay near.

  • Accommodation of people with disabilities
  • Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") welcomes guests with physical disabilities.

    The hotel entrance has a ramp ensuring easy access for wheelchair-users. If assistance is needed, the hotel staff will be happy to help you to your room.

    The spacious elevators allow in a wheelchair with its user and a person accompanying. A wheelchair can comfortably pass along the wide hallways.

    "Gamma" and "Delta" hotels have special rooms for guests with disabilities. Single rooms with entrance halls are spacious and light. The doorways are wide, so a wheelchair can pass through. Beds are low - one can lay down without assistance.

    Apart from the special-purpose amenities, the rooms for disabled have everything else for work and leisure: a desk, LCD TV, cable channels, a mini-fridge and a vault.

    An important feature is the bathroom equipment. There are handles to make its use convenient. The sanitary equipment (bathtub, toilet and sink) is arranged low. The traditional bathroom set including a hairdryer, towels, self-care products and slippers is also available.

    There is a telephone both in the bedroom and the bathroom. If any help is needed or questions arise, you can always make a call and get assistance of the hotel staff. A health center is available for all guests of Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta").

    Door locks are electronic, so you won't need to use traditional keys - doors are easily opened with pass cards.

    Rooms specially equipped for people with disabilities are a must for any modern hotel. Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Complex ("Gamma", "Delta") offers the most comfortable stay and best service to its physically challenged guests.